8 Reasons Why You Are Unfit

Two words: Corporation wellness.

This is a term you hear from your employer more and more. And it makes sense, though it may lack teeth right now. After all, we live in a PC universe where we ignore the reality that you can’t be in top mental condition if you’re physically unfit. But thankfully, I know my audience thrives on reality, so let’s level-set this blog right now:

You have to be healthy and fit to be productive in your work.

Yet, here you are. You pudgy Vice President, you! Low energy. You surprise yourself with how breathless you get taking the stairs. You hide it (“under your breath”, no less!) when you run into your coworker from HR at the top of the stairs.

What happened?!?

Your workplace probably has an on-site gym, available at no charge. If you’re a traveler, hotels have a gym waiting for you. Smart hotels like Kimpton and Hilton even put fitness and yoga gear in your room. There’s that excuse gone. If there’s no gym at your workplace, you’ve got enough money (I know what you earn!) to hire a top-notch personal trainer and a nutritionist. There’s that excuse gone. You also have the money to buy more nutritious, whole foods. There’s that excuse gone.

The big hypocrisy here is that you have the time and money to be in top condition – mentally and physically. But you don’t achieve it. You procrastinate, you self-soothe, and you just plain avoid hard work.

You’re pudgy now, but you’re going to be a pudgier CEO.

Truth. Feel good, yes?

But here’s the question you really need to consider.

Is that pudgy CEO the “success” you’re looking for?

You want to be the overweight boss? I know you don’t think that will be you. But chances are, if you make it to the C-suite, you’ll take a few extra pounds in there with you.

Here are 8 reasons why you’re stuck – and the solutions. Don’t let excuses dictate your life any longer.

  1. You eat too much.

The first reason is why most people become fat. Overeating mixed with a sedentary job is the reason Slim Fast is in business.

  1. You eat too little.

Yes, you read that correctly. Eating too little can make you gain weight. Crazy, right? Research shows that eating small amounts of calories slows down your metabolism. It’s called starvation mode.

That’s why fad-diets that have you eating like a bird don’t work long-term.

  1. Your time management is woeful.

How can you expect to stay fit and healthy if you continue missing gym sessions? Or you keep putting off grocery shopping for healthy foods?

No matter how hectic your schedule is, you have to make time for yourself.

  1. You workout too infrequently.

Like eating too much, this reason is well known. Not working out will have dire consequences on your health, especially as you get older.

Physically inactive individuals start losing muscle mass around 30 years old. And the less muscle mass you have, the less functional your metabolism is, leading to weight gain overtime.

  1. You workout too much.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, you could be going to the gym too much. Just as eating too little or physical inactivity harms your metabolism, over-training does as well.

How do you know if you’re over-training? Here is a quick checklist:

  • You’re working out longer than 1 hour
  • You go to the gym every day
  • Your muscles and joints ache all the time
  • You have a hard time going to sleep
  • You have constant headaches
  • Your workout performance is getting worse each session
  • You get sick easy (due to a weakened immune system)
  • You feel tired or drained most of the time
  1. You don’t stick to a certain health plan long enough.

One minute, you’re on The Atkins Diet. The next, you’re a fully-fledged vegan. Or you switch your workout routine like it’s a pair of socks.

What if your boss switched your job responsibilities every week? You’d be nauseous, right? Well that’s how your body feels when you switch your diet and exercise routine too frequently.

You have to give a diet or exercise routine AT LEAST 1 month to show results. If it doesn’t improve you by then, feel free to try something else.

  1. You are not willing to invest in your health.

It’s funny how people invest their money in everything else EXCEPT their health. Netflix. That timeshare. The new lease on that SUV. But when your health fails, the whole show stops. No feel-good Simon Sinek video is going to save you from that.

Let’s be honest, you’re well compensated! You have the funds to hire a personal trainer and a nutritionist/dietician. So if you need help getting your health together, please hire a professional.

  1. Your environment is not supportive of being healthy.

If you look around and all you see is out of shape people, then it’s time to change your surroundings. Family and friends can be heavy influences when it comes to your health.

Obviously, you can’t control if your best friend lives a healthy lifestyle. But you can’t let her/him stop you from getting yourself in top condition. I’ll say it again: invest time towards your health. A few times per week, enter a health-friendly environment (e.g., gym, workout class, yoga) to get that support.

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