About Us

It’s not about us. It’s about you

People have described Boyd Falconer as a secret weapon for navigating success. He specializes in coaching executives, entrepreneurs, athletes and celebrities. Because he is entirely comfortable with “real life” and all its distractions, rough edges and imbalances that keep us from achieving our best, Boyd is able to stay laser focused on his clients. This in turn allows his clients to effectively focus on their goals.

His coaching is custom-built for each client, ranging from senior leadership issues like board preparation to early-career issues like promotion. Then there are all the issues in between: IPO nerves, personal legacy, entrepreneurial failure and honing authentic leadership are frequently in this group. Boyd adds, “I thrive in an environment of bold ideas and stretch goals – especially if those goals are riddled with previous attempts and failures”.

Under the radar, but ahead of the curve

Boyd is not a suffocating, unshakable optimist. Nor is he a people-pleaser, satisfied with living a Pollyanna life of conflict avoidance. Boyd has significant experience in advising and coaching individual and corporate clients with stretch goals relating to personal and business performance, purpose and legacy.

After graduating with a degree in mathematics, majoring in differential equations (“Yes, as a complete nerd would”, he jokes), Boyd began flight training to become a military pilot and the controlled chaos and intense precision of military flying cemented his interest in individual and group performance. This led to him earning a PhD in attitudinal relationships and organizational culture at the University of New South Wales in Australia.

Boyd Falconer & Associates (BFA) was founded in 2011 because Boyd encountered many executives who were successful, yet not satisfied. He also discovered that these business leaders craved a no nonsense, under-the-radar executive coach who focused on their goals and satisfaction and not on the coach’s own self-promotion. He works with clients nationally and internationally and both in person and remotely. Boyd’s coaching is strictly confidential and he does not publish a “brag sheet” of clients nor does he ask his clients for endorsements. Ever. One of Boyd’s most important mantras is “just you, me and your goals.”

On weekends and vacations, Boyd pretends to be a proficient cyclist in Vermont, an expert hiker along the Appalachian Trail and an alpine skier in Colorado, although he does admit “my sailing skills need work. Like a lot”.