My Book #Shelfie: Deep Work

In a social media controlled world, distraction slays the work ethic of even the most industrious among us. In Deep Work by Cal Newport, we learn how to divide our time between the shallow, seemingly unnecessary tasks that burden our lives, and the deep work, the nitty-gritty of our jobs. Newport shows us how to concentrate to our fullest ability – yes, remember when you used to be able to do that? If you’re a novice, this is going to be an hour of intense work. The more experienced worker should be able to hit a full day.

Deep Work provides excellent advice on how to build up valuable skills, and use them efficiently, yet quickly, so that people see how good you are at your job, and want to use your services again and again. No matter if you work for yourself, someone else, or a combination of the two, Newport presents a solid system for us here.

However, before you get starry eyed about the new you: a warning. Newport isn’t proposing a one step system. And you certainly won’t have it down pat the first day you try it. But if you set the ball rolling the incentive will kick in soon enough. You’ll eventually be able to focus on your work, instead of the constant pinging from your phone.

One final perspective, before I sign off. Newport isn’t ‘all about work’. Perhaps the most powerful section of Deep Work is where Newport suggests that once the work day is over, it’s time to close that part of your brain. No more working while eating dinner, or during snuggle time with the spouse, work is work and play is play. The two should never mix, lest you want even bigger issues in your life, but that’s for another time (and maybe even a relationship counselor).

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