My Book #Shelfie: The End of Men, by Hanna Rosin

It’s a woman’s world; men just live in it. At least, that’s true according to Hanna Rosin who wrote The End of Men. Yes, I know, men are still around – Hanna has some work to do, right? Well, she’s done some nice research here, and it’s at times very jarring. Jarring because we all hear so much about how far women are behind men. That’s the popular narrative. But is it true?

The End of Men is a book about the cultural changes we are seeing in our society and how women are becoming leaders more so than they ever have before. Through statistical analysis and interviews, Rosin showcases the many ways women are pulling ahead, becoming conscious of their wellbeing, careers, economy and so on.

These days, women are earning more Bachelors degrees, which means they are achieving the higher paying positions and bumping men out of their chairs. The glass ceiling has been cracked, and women are scrambling their way to the top of the pyramid. Rosin speaks to a lot of women in this book and gets to the bottom of how these women are getting to the top. It’s an interesting analysis – how men are being elbowed out of the running.

I can see how this book holds a lot of truth in today’s economy. It was very eye opening in many facets, but at the same time there could be better reference material. I’m always looking for more data. Whether you’re a man or a woman, there are some great insights you can obtain from this book. Go ahead, challenge the contemporary narrative that you keep hearing. I dare you.

You can find Hanna on Twitter via @HannaRosin

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