My Book #Shelfie: Little Victories by Jason Gay

Self-described sports dumb-dumb Jason Gay hits a home run (bam! Sports metaphor in my opening sentence!) with hilarious personal stories about health, family, parenthood, and sports. You will find yourself chuckling at his colorful metaphors and personal stories, but there is also solid advice sprinkled throughout the pages. Gay knows how to tell a story, that’s for sure. He shows how real, vulnerable, and hard life can be – but he does it with a comedic edge.

Little Victories shows us that there are perfect moments within each experience, whether that experience is a good one, like getting a promotion, or a bad one, like dealing with a loved one’s death. Even though the stories are humorous, they are also very touching. You won’t realize you are actually reading an advice book until you’re finished with it, then you’ll sit back and reflect on how Gay has changed the way you view your world.

Funny, poignant and quick to read, this book isn’t just for sports fans who know Gay from his articles in the WSJ. Like many others sports dumb-dumbs, he loves the Twitter machine. Prod him appropriately via @jasongay

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