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Your Finest Hour

On the morning of June 6th, 1944, General Theodore Roosevelt found himself in the English Channel heading for the beaches of Normandy. Before you think that I am confusing my American history here, let me point out that I am not referring to the famed Rough Rider and former President of the United States Teddy

A Few Good Men, And Many Awesome Women

Have you met Nisa Amoils? That’s her in the photo above. I know what you’re thinking, “Boyd, you get to chat with all the lawyers-turned-media-executives-turned-beauty-entrepreneurs-turned-venture-capitalists. It must be tough.” I’m here to set the record straight. Firstly, yes, I get to chat with some phenomenal men and women. But rarely do I talk about them

Compare, Yes. Envy, No.

It’s 11pm and you’re tired. Look at you: binge watching Netflix again while multi-tasking a mind-numbing scroll on social media. You silently take in Jason’s perfect family photos during his 18-day trip abroad. You then make your way through Sarah’s new album of her absolutely seamless, high-end party she recently threw for her boss’s best

It’s A Woman’s World

How Wonder Woman navigated the Hollywood Boys club minefield and what every businesswoman can learn from that. 2017 is being heralded as The Year of the Woman in Hollywood and to a certain extent that is indeed the case. But look at the bar on which we are grading. The percentage of wide avail films directed or produced by women have historically been in the single digits so the fact that we are making any sort of progress in that field is admirable but it also brings to mind the phrase once you’re at the bottom the only way to go is up. And if you compare the film business with other industries you’ll see that women in film aren’t making the kind of inroads that other female executives are making.

Is Stoicism The New Sexy?

The answer is yes. There’s nothing sexier than a cool, calm, low resting heart rate. Sexy indeed. But what do you envision when you picture a true Stoic? Go ahead…picture it. Well…? You pictured Angela Merkel, right? No, wait. Margaret Thatcher. Oh, I got it! Queen Elizabeth. For many people, the initial idea of Stoicism