Change Your Brain, Change Your Life

Is life coming at you so fast that you feel like it’s passing you by? Is your life off balance? Do you catch yourself dwelling on negative thoughts? Are you too busy to pay attention to what’s happening around you?

If any of these situations sounds all too familiar, you need to come to a complete stop and reroute your thoughts and your actions. In other words, you need to retrain your brain. Happiness is a function of well-being. Sadness is real, but it should be fleeting! Depression and stress are counterproductive to achieving a life of value. Make a conscious decision to, as they say, get your head on straight.

Start the journey of rerouting your brain today. You already have all the tools you need. You have a brain. Nicely done. You’re on your way!

But here’s where the magic lies: actions, exercises, repetition, discipline. You’ll need to exercise, meditate and think. To some of you, this 3-set will sound easy. To others, simply reading the word ‘exercise’ will initiate a full-body sweat.

Think of these behaviors as an investment in lifetime well-being. I promise you, you will realize positive benefits if you follow these simple actions.

1. Energize with exercise.

Do you have a hard time getting started in the morning? Don’t underestimate the benefits of starting your day with exercise. If you can’t exercise in the morning, do it later in the day. Just do it! Even if it’s only getting up from your chair right now and sitting down again. You don’t even have to put your phone away. (I’m not advocating digital addiction – by the way – I’m merely respecting the digitally addicted).

Ahem, why are you still sitting?

People who exercise regularly experience a greater sense of well-being. They have more energy to tackle their day. They sleep better at night (leading to even more productivity because they are well rested), have improved memory, and feel more relaxed.

Regular exercise promotes brain growth! It also reduces inflammation and stress. It produces endorphins that make you happy and able to banish those negative thoughts and worries. Plus, exercise will help your health, your physique, your waistline and your sex life. No downside!

2. Meditate to rejuvenate.

Are you the only person in your group who doesn’t meditate? It seems everyone is doing it nowadays. Well, there is a reason for that. You say you can’t stop your brain from speeding when you try to concentrate and meditate? Try a guided meditation on audio download or podcast. Even if you only meditate for five or ten minutes a day, it will help you reduce stress, become calmer, and increase your ability to focus. You don’t have to sit with your legs crossed like a yogi; just take time to be quiet and empty your thoughts. Your mind – and your body – will be rejuvenated.

Meditation helps people overcome all kinds of mental disorders, such as depression, anxiety, and PTSD. Even for those who don’t struggle with mental health can use meditation to reduce stress, increase focus and exude calmness.

3. Retrain your brain for gain.

Can you actually change your DNA? Mounting evidence suggests the answer is yes. The field of study is called epigenetics. You have the power to reverse negative thoughts and depression and reroute your neural pathways. You can change the way your genetic expression works! It takes dedication to thinking positively while maintaining a positive vision for your health and well-being.

If this all sounds a little “woo woo”, I suggest you spend a few minutes in the pages of a spectacular book called The Rewired Brain. I am living proof that you can change your life by changing your thought habits. If you feel like you don’t know where to start, I’m ready to help.

Changing your outlook from negative to positive simply starts with thinking. Your thoughts somehow always end up being actions – so be careful what you think. Be mindful. You must channel your focus and banish negative thoughts – unless that’s how you want to live your life.

The “power of positive thinking” is no platitude. It works. Your positive thoughts are like a personal GPS that can reroute your journey toward a contented, fulfilling destination.

I’m ready to help. My team is ready to help.

We will go the extra mile.

Don’t let procrastination kill your curiosity.


Photo Credit: Spencer Stanton

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