What is Coaching, and How Can it Help Me?

Tiger Woods is among a group of elites who are considered some of the most successful golfers of all time. And yet, throughout his career he has had four swing coaches. Why is it that Michael Phelps trained under Bob Bowman as his swim coach since age eleven? Simply put: coaches help you achieve more significant results than you can on your own. Personal coaching, mentoring, lifestyle, business, and professional coaching is similar to the kind of coaching you would see working for these two great athletes. The main difference is that the type of accountability and action that is required doesn’t take place on the golf course or an Olympic sized pool. It may take place one on one or in a group setting.

The best kind of coaching that happens is when you know that person gets you and where you are trying to go. This isn’t for select few, and it is worth it. Have you read some great self-help books lately? The kind of books that have opened your eyes to something you didn’t know was possible for you? Imagine if you had that experience with a coach in your corner asking you the hard questions and helping to hold the light up for you as you determine what is in your way. What is it that prevents you from taking the kind of actions that will advance your career and/or get you to the next level of success in your life or relationships? Why can’t you read the self-help book and then apply it and be done? Because there are perhaps excuses, a limited mindset, or circumstances in your way that you feel are cramping your abilities to move forward.

Coaching is…

Coaching is experiential and collaborative. Coaching is supportive, motivating, and intuitive. Coaching is about asking the tough questions to help you arrive at your answers. Coaching is facilitating change and interacting with limiting beliefs that you may have. It will be challenging, and you will be motivated while receiving accountability in a caring way. Coaching is about inspiration as well as helping you uncover, discover, and discard what is holding you back. It’s more solution and action based than other avenues of finding help. Status quo may be ok for some people, but is it ok for you? Do you have a finite amount of potential? Maybe you didn’t start at eleven years old like Michael Phelps did when he started swimming, but it’s not too late for you to start now.

Let go of the inertia in your way and find something that opens your eyes wider than a thoughtful piece of written material (such as the one you are reading now). Do not be afraid to take action on this and let go of contemplative thinking. It’s not thinking into results that gets the job done; it’s the actions you take after the initial thoughts and planning. Action will be required. I would love it if people would look at my intentions and think great things about me by my aspirations, but alas, they will not take that as currency for groceries. Faith in yourself is essential, and you will need someone who can bolster that in you when the road ahead gets bumpy. So how and when to start are great questions to make a beginning. Your moment of clarity is waiting for momentum.

There are questions to ask when getting started.

You want someone who knows what they’re doing based on experience as well as training. You can ask for references or testimonials. What kind of pricing options are available? Can you have an introductory call to dip your toe into the deep waters? What is it that you struggle with and what kind of coach can help you with that? Coaching is more than a profession because it entails a journey with each client. This will be the missing piece of the puzzle for you. We will work on all areas, and we will cover everything – communication, social skills, career issues, corporate success, parenting and relationships.

There is no risk worth taking more than one that is taken for a happier you. Coaching is better experienced rather than explained. Let us know how we can help.

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