Delving into Spirituality

“Oh, life is bigger

It’s bigger

Than you and you are not me

The lengths that I will go to

The distance in your eyes

Oh no, I’ve said too much

I set it up

That’s me in the corner

That’s me in the spotlight

Losing my religion…”

Losing My Religion

By R.E.M.

What does this song mean? It seems like someone with questions that is unsure of where to go to next. A sort of journey to a deeper sense of self, but what does a journey of self-discovery look like? I’m reminded of that movie starring Julia Roberts called Eat, Pray, Love where she went on a spiritual sabbatical of sorts. Have you seen it? It’s true story and it is a movie rendition of the original book by Elizabeth Gilbert. The tagline of the book reads, “One Woman’s Search for Everything across Italy, India, and Indonesia”. What’s great about the book and the movie is how she processed her divorce and let go of so many obstacles in her spiritual path through meditation and prayer. However, what I’m proposing here is a search for significance that does not require you to travel far and wide, but instead become the seeker of that which is within. What does it look like for you? Spirituality comes in many forms, and we can cover some of them here.

Spirituality Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Religion

I’m not referring to any specific type of religious practice. Simply put, this might become a very controversial piece if I did because it’s one of those things people don’t want to talk about. Religion and politics are usually contentious things to dive into because there are so many different viewpoints on partisan beliefs and what to have faith in when it comes to religion. What I’m talking about is an intimate relational type way of being. Can you visualize Julia Roberts playing the role of Elizabeth and meditating? What do you think she was thinking about? Wasn’t it merely a way of connecting to a higher being, the Universe, the Source, Jesus, or Buddha amongst other traditions? Sometimes it’s considered not so Christian to meditate, but in the Christian tradition there is prayer, and it can be very contemplative when connecting to something greater than yourself.

This is the type of thing that everyone does with or without knowing it. If you don’t believe me then imagine the times you held someone in high regard and wished to emulate them. Or perhaps there have been times when you beheld a sunset that was spectacular or the logic of a good book you read. Is that not faith in something that may be beyond yourself? Your ability to connect to a concept or an idea, grasp it, and assimilate it into your being enables you to do more in your life. Is that not a sense of reliance, trust, or belief in something that you’ve learned? The relationship we have with things, ideas, and even people all encompass a conviction that it is necessary for us to have and to hold onto something beyond self-reliance. That, in essence, is an aspect of spirituality that I wish to capitalize on here simply for your ability to have resonance with it.

A Definition Rewritten

It can be anything you want. It is your own conception that works for you. It’s a sense of knowing or not knowing that there is something out there. Agnosticism or atheism gets a nod here as well. There is still a belief there. We either don’t have enough information to make an informed decision (which is the case for and meaning of agnosticism) or we don’t believe at all, but even to believe in evolution and science is accepting something as real. Is that not the stuff that faith is made of? That is a judgment of what works for you. I’m proposing a new definition because one of the words you can see in the word spiritual is ritual. What are your routines or rituals? Is it learning new things, involving yourself in some sort of creativity, or prayer and meditation? Do you believe in quantum physics or do you resonate more with the idea of creation by a supreme deity?

If you were to ask me what I believe, then I would tell you that I think you’re not wrong in your beliefs. I am a very open-minded Christian who believes there’s not just one path to a God of our own understanding. I think if you seek you will find and whatever you believed you have found is a good start. Don’t leave the ritual or routine as is, but find a deeper walk of faith that works for you. Let your intuition guide you, but most importantly have a sense of dedication to it. This is so you can access the kind of joy I know is possible for those that decide to do something that makes them happy. Do what works for you and be effective in the doing of it, so you can practice the real being of it. Prayer and meditation works for me on a daily basis. What is your practice, or better yet, what will your practice become?

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