My Book #Shelfie: Everybody Writes

I was drawn to this book on the basis of one line I read inside the front cover: “Our writing can make us look smart or it can make us look stupid”. I agreed (while looking stupid).

I have thoroughly enjoyed Everybody Writes. Author Ann Handley does a spectacular job crafting just the right amount of writing rules with fully unleashed enthusiasm for how great our writing could be if we just start writing! She argues that we are all writers already – we just don’t see ourselves as such.

If you write emails, you’re a writer. Write posts to Facebook or Twitter? Yep, you’re a writer. Write smart and entertaining pieces for a website? Hey, that’s me! Well, you be the judge on smarts and entertainment. But I am a writer. Thank you, Ann!

Ann is active on Twitter, so feel free to send your perfectly adverbed, grammatically correctified tweets to @annhandley

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