Our Team

You will notice something a little different about our team profiles. Instead of being the usual self-promotion exercise, we took a more authentic approach. We made Boyd write them. Was that a smart move? You be the judge.

Patricia Alley, Personal and Executive Coach

We love Patricia because she is the quintessential personal coach: intuitive, transformative, accountable. She’s also one of our most interesting blog contributors. Her specialty is finding and amplifying clients’ strengths and true purpose. ​​​​Whether your personal transformation is years overdue, or just a nudge in the right direction, Patricia has the expertise to get you to your destination. Book an introduction with her and I guarantee you’ll get the answers you’re looking for. She will help you achieve meaningful growth through self-discovery and accountability. Originally from Texas, you’ll now find her in Denver, CO helping clients both locally and abroad. Drop her a note at patricia@boydfalconer.com and get all your questions answered!

Carsten Beckmann, Director of Fitness Coaching

I have known Carsten for more than a decade. Not only is he my go-to for guidance and coaching on personal fitness and nutrition, he has completed more than 45,000 in-person and remote sessions for other clients. He has more than 20 years of experience in highly personalized coaching, covering exercise physiology, weight training, nutrition counseling, and cardiovascular training. He is a certified professional fitness trainer with the International Fitness Professionals Association (IFPA). In addition, he owns and runs one of the most popular personal training spaces in downtown Chicago. Give yourself the benefit of expert support. Carsten can be reached at carsten@boydfalconer.com.

Kim Diesel, Director of Media and Public Relations

Kim is like a stealth bomber of media programs: she surveys the landscape at high altitude, but can brief me with the target topography down to the square inch. Combining her love of writing with a passion for storytelling, Kim builds media programs for us that lead to coverage and exposure wins. We love Kim because she doesn’t back down from a challenge. She dives into opportunities to truly understand what we are striving to achieve, and uses that information to weave a story that entices our audience. When not piloting our media and public relations, you can find her going too fast on a mountain bike in South America. You can also find her at dieselpr@boydfalconer.com.

Monica Fedrigo, Regional Director, Rocky Mountains

I often find Monica in Aspen, Denver, Vail, Telluride, Beaver Creek, or Jackson Hole. Yes, her “office” is that annoying. Oh, sorry – I meant enviable. Monica has a knack for seeing things from a unique perspective, and uncovering the root cause of actions and habits. Not surprisingly, her work often sparks life-changing realizations with a client. She is a master at using a step-by-step approach to identify and amplify her clients’ strengths, and help them achieve results far beyond what they considered possible.

When not leading client relations for us throughout the Rockies, you’ll find Monica crafting inspiring narrative for various publications as well as her own award-winning blog. Send her a note at monica@boydfalconer.com.

Audrey Hannah, Director of Admissions Coaching

Success breeds success. So it shouldn’t be surprising that many of our clients have siblings or children that they refer to us for coaching. Much of this work centers on college or graduate admissions. Enter Audrey Hannah. She has an astounding eye–and ear–for the winning details. Her clients have been accepted to Yale, USC, Northwestern, Vassar, UC Berkeley, University of Chicago, and University of Michigan to name a few. My own children will be Audrey’s clients. I know this because I have access to Audrey’s calendar, and I’ve placed an appointment for 2025 already. Like all of my team, Audrey is obsessed with service beyond expectations. Got a question? Just ask. You’ll find her at audrey@boydfalconer.com.

Cynthia Malone, Director of Culture and Cuisine

As our clients know all too well, our team loves to go beyond the gate at the end of the trail. We meet our clients wherever they are. Office towers and hotel lobbies, of course. But we’ll also grab our passport and meet clients in far-flung corners of the world. Luckily, we have Cynthia. She is our in-house culture and cuisine expert, with a deep personal expertise in food and wine across the globe. She can coach me through foreign protocol as easily as she can brief me on day trips in southern Spain, the best coffee bar in Kansas City, or hotels in London. Got a culture, travel or cuisine question? Just ask. Cynthia can be reached at cynthia@boydfalconer.com.

Susan Marlee, Director of Finance

Life would be wonderful if you didn’t have to manage invoices. That’s why I hired Susan. But it doesn’t end there. Sure, she’s got the MBA in finance and a fancy undergrad from the University of Michigan. But she’s more artist than nerd. You’ll find her hiking with family, painting original acrylics, or reading at her children’s school. Clients love her because she is attentive and professional. I do too. Susan can be reached at susie@boydfalconer.com.

Spencer Stanton, Director of Photography

I’ve always loved the quote from Abraham Lincoln, “there are no bad pictures; that’s just how your face looks sometimes.” My relationship with photography stems from the Falconer School of Discretion: simply, I’m happy to stay out of photographs. I don’t like being the center of attention, especially since my best work is done behind the scenes. The discreet conversations. The confidential interviews. The thoughtful analysis. To achieve the balance of audience visibility and client discretion, I need guidance and coaching. That’s Spencer Stanton. He is creative, analytical, a calm director and a southern gentleman. And because my team travels, he travels. Wherever you need him. Reach out and say hello at spencer@boydfalconer.com.

Kim Statler, Business Process Coach

I first spoke to Kim while I was sitting in my car. No, she wasn’t working the drive-through pharmacy window. I was calling from the car while I waited for my two young children to finish a tennis lesson. Hey, productivity is my middle name. What I soon learned was that her ability to understand, organize, ideate and execute were exceptional. What’s even more impressive is that she’s an autodidact​, a wife and a mom to two young children – an expert juggler​. Quick-witted, diligent, creative. I had found a gem! Fast forward to today and she’s our team’s Business Process Coach. Streamlining the processes involved in online upkeep – from content creation to social media management – Kim does what it takes to keep us on track. She’s an expert in finding the process that works and getting it implemented. It’s obvious that she truly cares about each individual outcome – that’s why she’s coaching and advising folks just like you. When you’re looking to take a leap forward on a project that lacks ​momentum, ​creativity or discipline (or ​all three​), Kim will get you to the finish line.​ She can be reached at kim@boydfalconer.com​.