Personal Goals

Master your schedule – do more in less time

Most of what you have learned about time management is incorrect or ineffective. Many clients don’t mismanage time as much as they misunderstand time. Let’s correct your trajectory.

Increase income

We take your financial goals seriously. Many clients come to us concerned about being labeled as money-hungry, but we view money as a crucial part of personal freedom. Hitting income goals is not only inherently rewarding, it gives you options for your life.

Integrate new personal goals into your busy life

You’re doing OK in life, and you want to take on more! We understand you. In fact, we think it’s a sign of success and we love taking on more ourselves. So naturally we’ve tested the latest research first hand. We know what works.

Achieve self-discipline or eliminate negative habits

On your way to achieving your goals, temptations and negative habits will arise. Improving your self-discipline will ensure you don’t give in. But you must ensure your self-discipline is for you and not just because you’re trying to please others.

Tackle a tough subject you’ve been avoiding

Regardless of how many times you have covered sensitive topics in the past, having tough conversations doesn’t seem to get easier. However, you can increase your confidence and maintain strong relationships by learning to lead the conversation on your terms.

You need advice before dropping a bombshell

You’ve got a personal bombshell to drop. But you want to be smart about it and ahead of any potential fallout. You want to stay on good terms with your friends, employees or family. We help you navigate the transition successfully.

Overcome poor relationship dynamics with family or friends

Most often, this issue is about your true or ‘honest’ engagement with the other person. It can be rectified if you give it proper attention. In life and business, creating true engagement in your relationships leads directly to greater life satisfaction and massively reduced interpersonal friction.

Take control of digital distraction or social media

This issue becomes hotter by the day. Some clients describe their distractions as an “epidemic”. It takes less than 11 minutes for people to get distracted from a task. Then 25 minutes are consumed getting your focus back! Distractions also reduce your IQ – by as much as 10 points. Book a session right now (before you succumb to distraction).

You need an ally and confidant to hold you accountable

Our clients describe our accountability service as their secret weapon. With us helping you, the difference you’ll feel in your progress will be astounding. We don’t just loosely guide you like a mentor, we have a vested interest in seeing you succeed because it’s our job to make sure you do.

Create a truly fulfilling retirement

You are so busy trying to keep up with the demands of your life, you forget to do the things you’ve dreamed about, like traveling abroad or buying that business. Left unchecked, your current routine threatens to strangle a fulfilling retirement. Let’s change that.