Professional Goals

Win new business

Whatever business you’re in, the agriculture metaphor still applies: There’s a time to reap the harvest, and there’s a time to plant seeds. For entrepreneurs and executives looking to land new business, the time to start planting seeds for success is now.

Accelerate your promotion through corporate hierarchy

There are habits you can develop to improve your progression to the C-suite, and it doesn’t require weekends at the office, writing a book, or presenting your view on leadership at TEDx . In fact, you already have most of what you need. You’re just not using it. So let’s get started.

Make a career course correction

Most of us are so busy trying to please a boss or build a company, we forget to follow our hearts and do the role or career we’ve dreamed about. True satisfaction comes from a career that aligns with the “real” you. Left unchecked, your current routines and denial will derail any hope of career fulfillment.

Unplug from work

You’re tired of being tired, having poor posture, and making shoddy decisions. Your admirable commitment to work has made you forget how to focus, which makes you even more tired and, in time, feel guilty. We will help you build self-control, unplug, and be your full self again.

Become an entrepreneur

We ask tough questions but we give world-class support. Because if you’re tired of the corporate world or wrapping up your chapter as a stay-at-home parent, there’s only one way to entrepreneurship: action. We help you commit and build. We also help cushion the fall. Because that’s entrepreneurship.

Achieve a better outcome from executive search

You know you’re talented because retained search firms reach out to you all the time. But there’s a suspicion in the back of your mind that you’re not getting the full story. Congratulations, you’re right! We illuminate the process and help you land your perfect role. You’ll enjoy the higher salary too.

Get selected for a paid board seat

Apart from the obvious financial benefits of gaining equity in a company (and possible compensation), board membership offers the rare chance to provide expertise and feedback, make a positive impact on a company’s direction and network across multiple industries. This all sounds wonderful, but is it a good fit for you right now?

Excel at managing your online reputation

You are well aware of the importance of online reviews. Those few words, usually written by total strangers, can give you or your business’s online reputation a huge boost. Equally, your online reputation can plunge so far south that you could spend weeks trying to repair it. We help you avoid the ego traps and build the presence your mom would be proud of.

Overcome sexism and other workplace prejudices

We understand your predicament. You are walking a fine line when dealing with gender issues and other prejudices in the workplace. Many clients experience offensive work cultures on a daily basis. Let’s make sure you’re doing what’s right for you.

You need an ally and confidant to hold you accountable

Our clients describe our accountability service as their secret weapon. With us helping you, the difference you’ll feel in your progress will be astounding. We don’t just guide and mentor you, we have a vested interest in seeing you succeed. It’s our job to make sure you do.