Is Stoicism The New Sexy?

The answer is yes. There’s nothing sexier than a cool, calm, low resting heart rate. Sexy indeed.

But what do you envision when you picture a true Stoic? Go ahead…picture it.


You pictured Angela Merkel, right? No, wait. Margaret Thatcher. Oh, I got it! Queen Elizabeth.

For many people, the initial idea of Stoicism is basic and awfully surface-level. (It’s pretty much a false idea as well.) Mainstream thought of Stoicism is that people who practice it are simply bottling up their emotions. It’s a sad thought, really. Just a bunch of people walking around silently suffering through life. It’s a life of martyrdom.

If you ask me, this idea couldn’t be more wrong.

Modern stoicism is a thing of beauty.

It’s based in mindfulness and meditation.

In the past, the corporate world would have applauded and even celebrated those who showed no sign of weakness in their day-to-day tasks and the struggles of leadership. To them, the balance of work and personal life is nice to talk about, but only you stay back late tonight and get ahead on next quarter’s Board Report.

The present day leader demonstrates the life-changing practices of mindfulness and meditation. Gone are the days of working like a soulless robot.

Mindfulness is sexy.

This is an important time in the transformation of what it means to be a true leader. And I’m talking about any kind of leadership here – within your family, your group of friends, your small project team, or your entire corporation. The impactful leader’s core values are the same across the board, but the mindful leader is creating a new edge.

While the virtues associated with Stoicism are gender neutral, I find that women often think it’s a masculine trait. To be blunt: you couldn’t be more wrong.

Women have the most to gain.

In my experience working with women achievers, whether a freshly minted MBA or an experienced entrepreneur, I am privileged to observe stoicism be deployed more frequently than most people. And it gets results. Every time.

Frankly, stoicism is like a stealth attack in a woman’s back pocket. It is a force multiplier. Harness its power, and they’ll never see you coming. Mindfulness, a solidified goal, and a woman’s creative mind create a true recipe for success. You just can’t go wrong.

So, consider this:

How can you create the space for more mindful leadership?

What makes you feel sexy?

Can the two become one?

The answer is yes. There’s nothing sexier than a cool, calm, modern day stoic.

How do you get started?

Talk to us. We won’t let you fail.


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