Transform Your Mind and Change the World

How many times do you look at the world around you and take up issue with what you see?

Do you often feel that drive deep inside of you to make a real change?

Good news. You can. Sounds oversimplified, right? But think about it; there are infinite possibilities for change when you take a step back and focus in.

Say those words with me: Infinite. Possibilities. Feels good, doesn’t it?

Let’s dig deeper.

Take a look at Robert Greene’s ideas in his book, Mastery. He emphasizes the importance of varying phases in personal transformation with the goal of overall mastery in mind. When we think about great change in the world, personal mastery tends to come first. You simply can’t create large-scale change in the world unless you become the master of your own life.

The transformation of your mind needs to come first.

It’s common sense when you really focus on it. How can you create change in anything around you when YOU stay the same? You must begin looking at yourself as the starting point. Ground zero. Any great transformations in the world around you – whether in your home, your career, or your community as a whole – will begin with you.

Who knew you had so much power? (Hint: I did. I can see it in you. If you’re taking the time to read this, you’re on the right track.) There’s nothing stopping you.

So the next question: How can you transform your mind? That’s quite easy to break down, actually. It happens largely through your daily habits.

Take a moment to think about your daily rituals. Do you start your day with a quick shower? Maybe you sit with your freshly ground coffee and a contemplative book first. Coffee in the shower? I don’t make judgements. There’s also a possibility that your most common habits aren’t as sublime. Do you wake up late and rush out the door? You might even have days where choose to keep your head down until you arrive at the office. Smiles are hard when you’re exhausted. Are you thinking about your daily propensity to choose self-doubt? Whatever your habits, you know in your heart whether or not they need to change. You’ve known it for years.

The most valuable thing you can do is to choose a habit – good or bad – and focus exclusively on it.

Focus your energy on the one habit you want to either establish as part of your day-to-day routine or complete eliminate from your mind. Make it your daily mantra. Think about it when you go to bed. Focus on it first thing in the morning. Make notes. Write it on your mirror. Do whatever you have to do. Eventually it becomes programmed, and you can focus on the next significant habit. Before you know it, your mind will be transforming and you will be a different, more focused, more content master of your own life.

Want an added bonus?

As your habits change, your character changes right along with them. Self-improvement leads to measurable growth. The successful coaches and leaders of the world will always tell you that the mindset you focus on most is what grows. It’s basic, but it’s so true. These habits you have worked so tirelessly to form will become part of who you are. Your outlook on the day will change. In turn, you can own your day. Those who take ownership of their day have the ultimate power when it comes to constructing real change in the world around them.

So when you’re feeling stuck, focus on the things you can immediately change.

There is always something in your day that you can control. There is always a personal mindset that you can improve upon or expand. You are a creature of habit, and your habits CAN change.

Focus inward and let the real transformation shape the world around you.

Check out. Unplug. Reset. Make it a habit.

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