Unplugged Is The New Luxury. Can You Afford It?

Now, more than ever before, time and space are compressed. Workers sprint to complete projects on time. Entrepreneurs from Dubai to Sydney to Burlington, VT are searching for the next trend, hoping to find it before their competition does. Husbands and wives rally to schedule anniversary celebrations together let alone weekly date nights.

At the same time, a shift is taking place.

Gone are the days when owning the latest equipment, the newest products, or designer duds meant success. New generations are concerned more with making a difference than simply earning money.

People want their time back.

Quality time. Moments of comfort and rest and deep contentment. We are beginning to realize how much of our attention has been stolen by marketing companies and unnecessary chores. Those who have been running in the rat race for most of their lives are experiencing their own Eureka moments:

Success is less about ownership and more about partnership. Partnership with yourself and others. The connections you have with your friends and family. The way you feel about yourself.

Simplicity is the new status.

Apps help workers power off their devices at night. Magazine articles urge couples to leave their phones outside of the bedroom. Companies pay for employee vacations and establish mindfulness practices in the workplace. Research suggests that meditating CEOs are sharper, more empathic, and better focused than their peers.

As attention moves towards straighter lines of living and being, simplicity and inspiration are the new Holy Grail.

People are hungry for meaning and connection. But they’re not exactly sure how to find it.

Celebrities like Kerry Washington, Ed Sheeran, and Selena Gomez have announced “digital detoxes,” time away from Instagram and social media and phones. But are these efforts genuine or prescribed by a personal coach or health provider? Is powering down completely a luxury that only some can afford? Are they solely for those with have assistants, caretakers and childcare and someone else to take care of to-do lists?

For the rest of us, shutting off all electronics doesn’t exactly sound feasible. Calendars are intertwined and phone numbers are programmed. Being inaccessible and unplugged seems a gift reserved for those who can afford to use technology at will and not as a necessity.

But maybe not.

What if I told you that you deserve time away from your screens? That even one day each week can boost your mood, improve your relationships, and reward you with a brighter, more creative outlook on life?

It will take a focused, concentrated effort. But it’s worth it.

Experiences are luxuries.

It is now proven that those who invest in experiences over material goods are happier, healthier, and more fulfilled than those who strive to buy more things. Wealth is now defined by the relationships we nurture, how deeply we feel, and most importantly, who we are.

Since the benchmarks of success are evolving, it may be necessary to rework some of your business and personal goals to make sure you’re working toward getting exactly what you want. Sometimes we all need a gentle reminder that memories with our loved ones are more meaningful than this season’s designer bag. And that vacation you’ve been dreaming about? It’s time to put it on the calendar.

Throughout our lives, we need someone who helps us reroute our course. Remember, the world needs YOU. Not your car, not your home, and certainly not your fancy iPhoneX with the hi-res camera that shows the world your fancy pores. We need your art and your creations. We want your patience and your giving.

The world needs you to live, to really live, and squeeze the most out of life as your biggest, most daring, most relentless self.

This is a heavy, tough call, and not one that everyone can answer, I know. Yet for those who make the effort to start living more intentionally, the paybacks are endless.

If you’re not sure where to start, send me a message. It’s time to focus on things that really matter.

2018 waits for no one.

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