What’s on the Horizon for You?

“Faith is the state of mind which may be induced, or created, by affirmation or repeated instructions to the subconscious mind.”

– Napoleon Hill author of Think and Grow Rich (written in 1937)

Now that we’ve talked about spirituality, let’s explore belief and faith in ideas and people. Before you get anxious though and want to bypass this article entirely, think about this: What do you use on a daily basis that shows you have faith in it. Is it your coffee maker? Or better yet, electricity? It is, after all, something you believe works because you’ve seen how useful it is at powering your ability to get caffeine in the morning. I know I do anyway.

The word belief means trust, faith, or confidence in someone or something. The word faith comes from the Latin root “fides” which means to trust. So, what do you have trust in to work for you?

The idea that I want to focus on now is how this thing called the Law of Attraction works and how you can make it work for you. Its basic premise is that what you believe and have faith in is something you use as a point of focus, and therefore, what you focus on increases.

Have you ever heard of the idea that you can think things into existence and that thoughts are things? I believe in some of it and let me share more as to why I think it’s partially right.

Methods I Have Tried

Autosuggestion is Napoleon Hill’s version of affirmation work in his book Think and Grow Rich. His take on it is that by telling your subconscious mind something so often and with such emotion, it believes what you say to be true. So basically, autosuggestions are affirmation work on steroids aligning your feelings with what you are saying with actions to back it up. Tony Robbins calls them incantations, and his take is that you should embody the incantations by feeling it with all possible senses and saying it out loud with such emphasis that you have the utmost certainty that it’s true right now. Is that not similar to the Law of Attraction?

The Law of Attraction was made popular in the movie, The Secret, which came out in 2006. Now as to why I think it’s partially true – the movie tends to miss some elements like planning and forethought. In my opinion, you can’t will yourself to make large sums of money without taking the initiative to go about achieving your goals.

Like attracts like so you get what you look for, right? The more you look at things from a negative slant, the more things will be negative in your experience. And the more you work with the positive in your life, the better your life will be.

So, let’s engage in a writing exercise and do as some of my predecessors have suggested – let’s do all three: autosuggestion with your state of purpose from Napoleon Hill, incantations from Tony Robbins, and affirmation works described by many who have come before me.

A Premeditative Thought Process

Breathe before you do this and then let go of fear, self-doubt, and insecurity in your abilities to connect to your purpose. Fill your mind with faith instead. How? Rewrite over the old thought patterns in your mind with affirmations, incantations, and your statement of purpose. We will do this below. Say it out loud for ten minutes a day and write it daily as well. We are rewiring your brain with better thinking. Make it a habit, and then it will be the way you are. It will be a new experience, and when it is, it will be a part of you. Repetition strengthens and confirms and faith comes naturally as I have heard. You do this, and you will be amazed at what you can accomplish.

This Needs to be Practiced

You need to have a state of expectancy or belief/faith that your dream will come true while taking action. This faith of yours, according to Hill’s book, is the element which determines the action of your subconscious mind in achieving your goals.

Print this article to help you develop your plan.

To develop faith in yourself and your strategy:

  • Place the idea, plan, or purpose in your mind through repetition of thought (affirmations).
  • Write out your statement of purpose (physically write it out to solidify).
  • Repeat it out loud daily for the vibrations of sound to reach your subconscious mind (incantations).
  • Demand persistent action toward its attainment and make a promise to yourself to take action.

Don’t just dream, do!


I affirm:



My new incantations:



My statement of purpose:



Six steps (at the very least) I will take to achieve my purpose:



So, what’s on your horizon now? What is your practice…to engage in daydreaming or have a goal and take action towards it? Ask us for help and we will collaborate with you!

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