Your Personal Oath

I was struck last week by the enormous lost opportunity of people going through life without a commitment. Not to their work, not to their partner, not to their children, not to their fellow drivers. (They’re not paying attention to the road anyhow, right?) Not even to themselves.

If this is you, please consider making a personal oath.

Do you have boundaries? What are they? What are you keeping score of? Who do you serve? What is this career for?

I’ve often been told that some people say their oath is to create freedom and joy. But too often I see those exact people trading freedom for money, for attention, for approval… even approval from superficial connections via social media.

Here’s what I really want you to think about. Since you can’t have everything, and since no one can, what is YOUR life for?

It’s a big question, yes?

Here’s another one:

Question: Is there an ideal time to make your personal oath?

Answer: Yes. Right now.

Once made, don’t be tempted to revisit it when you’re under a mountain of short-term pressure. Hold fast.

If you’re tempted to quit, I’m happy to hold on with you.

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