You’re Not Ready For 2018

Here’s how I know:

The leaders I work with already have 2018 planned out. That’s right, my frontrunners are already thinking ahead. They were onto next year before you even flipped to November’s calendar page.

I literally been at the desk with them as they set careful goals and pen deadlines well into June 2018. They are excited. They are eager for what the next year will bring and they’re looking forward to seeing where their ambitions will take them.

To them, 2017 is in the bag.

They are proud of what they have accomplished this year. They have seen the dividends of their hard work. Their objectives have been met. Strategically, and with focused effort, they have met their marks. They have been dedicated: to themselves, to their relationships, to their businesses, and most importantly, to improvement.

Of course they experience setbacks. No one is immune to failure and distress. But my relentless achievers (“RAs,” as I like to call them) have built a wave of momentum around them. And this wave is carrying them purposefully towards 2018.

My guess? Your mind is still focused on 2017. Your days are filled with chores that aren’t getting you closer to where you want to be. In fact, before reading this, you were debating whether to write “Happy Holidays” or “Warm Greetings” on your TinyPrints party invitations.

Those intentions you set in January? You forgot about them months ago. Your schedule is a real-life version of Bill Murray in Groundhog Day (minus Andie McDowell) and you have resigned to an upsetting fact: This year is a wash. 2018 is just around the corner. Why bother?


If you’re thinking this way, you need to reach out. ASAP.

Remember that you wanted to get to the gym more often and start a regular meditation practice and volunteer for Make-A-Wish?

Do you recall promising your spouse more date nights and focused conversation?

Anything ring a bell about promising yourself that it is time to make a change? That you want to find a board seat? That you want to make a career pivot (more you, less BS), and create an endowment for neurobiology or children’s health?

The biggest disappointments are often the greatest motivators. This is not the time to feel frustrated or depressed; this is your moment of opportunity. Instead of returning to your daily to-do list, you can choose to make a change. You don’t need to be disenchanted with life for a moment longer.

Don’t give up on yourself. Not yet.

You have the ability to put wheels in motion and get serious about what you want. Yes, you can start small. Plan out this week and look for little changes you can make.

Reach out. Send an email or let’s schedule a call. I want to push you forward, into action and catapult you into 2018. I’m “RA” also – relentlessly attentive. Today. This weekend. Even Christmas morning.

This year is not one for more broken promises. Once you step onto the racetrack, you’ll be surprised by how quickly you can lead. With the right support and focus, you can get where you want to be and make 2018 the best yet.

Or you can cruise through the holiday festivities, choke down a few sugar cookies and stand by passively as co-workers drink too much at the office holiday party.

But I’d like to see you reach for something more, something greater than yourself.

Here’s to a flourishing New Year. Get ready.


Photo: Over-acheivers Rachel Beisel and Christa Ghent lead the charge at LeadOut Sales, Boulder, CO

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